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Tidy Paws Re-Do Program

We Re-Doo

We offer a "Double Doody" guarantee that if you are not happy with your service, we will come out and re-clean your yard or that day's cleaning is FREE!

Many times our customers already know the exact dog waste service program they would like to implement. However many times they do not. Regardless, we use our experience to work with our customers to come up with options to best fit their needs.

We conclude our consultations with proposals outlining details like pet waste station types, station locations, and estimated maintenance costs. The proposals we produce are professional in appearance and content making them suitable to be shared with management or HOA boards.


Benefits of Our Consulting and Proposals

  • FREE of charge with no commitment
  • Leverages our years of experience
  • Dog waste service solution matched to your specific need
  • High quality proposals suitable for presentations