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Prices for yard clean up services may be as low as $9.50 per cleaning. However, the price increases with the number of dogs and as the size of the yard increases. Prices will also be higher the less frequently the property is cleaned. Please see our rates posted on this website.
Once per week and twice per week are the most common, but we also service yards three times per week, every other week, and once per month. We even provide pooper scooper service on a one time only basis. Note in some of the outlying areas of Nashville, we can only provide once per week clean up service.
We provide dog poop cleanup service even if it rains or snows. The only times we do not provide service due to weather is if schools are closed or there are severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings in the area.
Absolutely. Sometimes if the gate doesn't latched when we pull the gate closed, we will provide a clip, free of charge, to ensure the gate is latched and stays closed.
Yes. We also clean and deodorize around decks and patios and clean up cat litter boxes. Additionally, we also delivery all natural pet food and supplies to our customers
Yes. We clean up community common areas and install and maintain pet waste stations. We will work with the property manager to determine exactly what is needed.
Yes. We have even cleaned up after a loose horse in someone's yard. We will also clean up cat liter boxes.
Yes. Some of our technicians prefer the dogs to be in the yard as long as the dogs are not aggressive.
Unlike many other lawn services, our technicians walk through your yard TWICE in a grid pattern.
We offer a "Double Doody" guarantee that if you are not happy with your service, we will come out and re-clean your yard or that day's cleaning is FREE!
Yes. We carry Business Liability Insurance and Workman's Comp.