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Pet Waste Stations

Community Pet Waste Stations

Pet Waste Stations, Bags & Services

Tidy Paws supplies, installs, and services professional grade Pet Waste Stations for community applications in the Greater Nashville Area. Their aluminum, rust free materials and solid durable construction provide years of maintenance free operation.

Benefits of Our Dog Waste Station Services

  • FREE advise on where to place stations
  • Variety of pet waste station colors and styles to choose from
  • Custom signage and post designs available
  • High quality professional installations


Dog Waste Station sales and installation

Being a full service pet waste removal company, we sell commercial quality dog waste stations and related products. However we take it a step further by actually installing the stations for our customers. Because we have installed hundreds of pet waste stations, you can have confidence our installations are done correctly. We even set our dog waste station posts in concrete to help prevent their leaning over time. Pet waste station installations usually occur within 2-3 weeks of being ordered.

Pet Station Maintenance

Whether we install your pet stations or you have existing stations, we can provide cost effective recurring service. Our service includes refilling the pet stations with dog waste pickup bags as needed; emptying the waste receptacle while replacing the liner; performing routine maintenance such as lubricating locks; and disposing of the double bagged dog waste either in property dumpsters or hauling it away. Most customers schedule weekly service, but there are situations where twice per week service also makes sense.

  • We order and maintain inventory of dog waste bags and charge as they are used
  • Basic station maintenance performed such as lubricating hinges or locks
  • Property management kept informed if major repairs needed
  • Ideal if there is no maintenance staff to service the pet waste stations
  • Easy start up since we have keys to most station brands
Tidy Paws Re-Do Program

We offer a "Double Doody" guarantee that if you are not happy with your service, we will come out and re-clean your yard or that day's cleaning is FREE!

Pet stations in the community

Bringing out pet stations to your community is a great way to motivate residents to pick up after their pets.

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Economy Pet Stations

One step up from the basic Dispenser Station, the Economy Station is an inexpensive, yet more rounded solution, complete with both a bag dispenser and an open waste receptacle. We recommend these types of stations for large, open common areas and walking trails.

Standard Pet Stations

Regularly this pet waste stations -build primary aluminum- are the perfect addition to your pet-friendly property. Comes with everything you need to quickly install along walkways and near common areas of your community. Each dispenser is key-locked and can hold up to 1,000 roll bags! ( roll bag refill sold separately)

Premium Pet Stations

The ultimate pet waste stations on the market today, Premium Stations are attractive, durable and effective options for communities looking for sleek, tamper resistant pet waste stations that completely contain waste bags and their odor. We recommend this type of station for use in high-density communities when the station will be located near homes or parking lots.

One station is designed for the less expensive bags that come on a roll. The other station holds the larger carded type bags. The carded bags, though a little more expensive, help reduce the number of wasted bags by allowing only one bag at a time to be pulled from the dispenser.

Regardless of the type of station selected, if you live in the Greater Nashville area of Middle Tennessee, Tidy Paws can install the stations for you. We also provide service plans whereby we empty the waste receptacles and refill the bag dispensers as needed. We give a significant discount on installation when our weekly or bi-weekly pet station service is used.