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Poo-Prints Community Program

Poo-Prints DNA Matching Program

Exclusive and Local Distributor of Poo-Prints

Tidy Paws is an exclusive distributor of POO-PRINTS in the Greater Nashville area, we have the ability to design the optimal pet waste management solutions to match each customer’s unique needs and budget.

Poo-Prints Match the Pet DNA

This is the DNA dog waste matching service that communities across the country have implemented. It allows dog waste that is not picked up to be matched to the pet and its owner. This is a highly effective program that can pay for itself through fines. Some property managers even report it has helped eliminate their dog waste issues all together. See our video to learn more.

Benefits of the DNA Matching Program

  • Highly effective solution
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Attract and retain tenants
  • Save money or even generate revenue
  • Undeniable resident accountability
  • FREE lost & found service for residents through DNA registry