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Residential Scooping Service

Why to use Tidy Paws residential services?

Best local scooping in Greater Tennessee

Tidy Paws Re-Do Program

We Re-Doo

We offer a "Double Doody" guarantee that if you are not happy with your service, we will come out and re-clean your yard or that day's cleaning is FREE!

  • Besides being a great time saver, using our pet waste scooper service provides a cleaner and healthier environment for pets and your family.
  • Tidy Paws technicians have backgrounds in the pet industry and understand that your dogs are more than just pets.
  • Scooping pet waste helps keep it out of storm water runoff and therefore out of our streams, rivers, and lakes.
  • We take the pet waste away with us at no extra charge and dispose of it in accordance to EPA guidelines.
  • Tidy Paws is an eco-friendly service and has worked with local university faculty to determine alternate environmentally friendly solutions for disposing of pet waste.
  • Our service as been cleaning up yards in the Greater Nashville area and surrounding counties for over 10 years and therefore have serviced thousands of yards and picked up countless piles of waste..... we know what we are doing!
  • We are a fully insured with high limit liability insurance and workers comp to help protect our customers.
  • We are the only scooper service in the area with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Tidy Paws is a Middle Tennessee based company and not a "locally owned and operated" franchise. Therefore you keep more of your money in the local economy.